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Things you will need

  • Hangers – any sturdy kind will do

  • Safety Pins (can be used to attach price tags on garment, but DO NOT put safety pin through the fabric of the garment if it will damage the fabric. You may attach the tag to the inside garment tag or if there is no tag, you may attach it to Right armpit seam.)

  • Heavy Card Stock Paper 65lb. or Heavier (White Only)

  • Packing Tape (shoes)

  • Hole Punch

  • Ribbon/Small Zip Ties

  • Ziplock Bags

Hanging Items

  • Make sure that each item is hung with the hanger hook pointing to the left, so when you are facing the item the hanger is making a question mark (?).

  • If hanging a set please be sure to secure both items together with rubber bands or safety pins.

  • Jeans, pants, and skirts will be required to be hung on separate pant hangers.  Each of these items will need to be on a pant hanger or sturdy hanger (not on a wire hanger).  The item will fold over the hanger with the front of the item facing towards you when hung.  (i.e. jean pockets facing out when hung.  Tag is to be hung on the right side of the item.

  • Scarves, belts, purses, and hats will be displayed on tables and hooks so they will not require hangers.

  • Shoes should be paired together with ribbon or a zip tie. Please make sure that there is enough slack so that customers can try them on (about 5 inches). Shoes boxes are discouraged.

Enter, Print, & Tag

  • After hanging your clothing items you will need to enter and print tags for all of your items through our system.

  • Shoes: Use clear packing tape to attach tag to bottom of shoe. Please DO NOT cover the bar code on the tag with tape. Another option is to attach the tag to the shoe with zip tie or ribbon.

  • Purses: With the purse facing you, use a zip tie or ribbon to attach the tag to the right side handle of the purse. For clutches or wallets you can attach the tag with ribbon or a zip tie to the zipper of the item.

  • Accessories: Earrings can be attached to the tag itself and the back of the earrings should be taped on the back of the tag so that they do not fall off(back of earrings are required), for Necklaces the tag can be attached with a ribbon, for Rings you can use ribbon. Sunglasses, attach tag with a ribbon to the center nose bridge.

  • Faux Designer Items: Faux designer items or replicas will be allowed at our event, but it is very important that you tag and price them accordingly! It is your responsibility to price and label these as a faux designer or replica items. If the consignor fails to do so they will NOT be able to consign at future sales.

Tagging Non Clothing Items:

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