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How do I consign?

Register under the upcoming event: women's or children's event. Then tag your items, drop them off, and we’ll do the rest!

What are the fees?

There is a $10 fee that is taken at the end of the sale. It will be taken from your check. Want to waive this fee? Recommend the event to a NEW consignor. Email us and let us know the name of the new consignor you referred. NEW consignor must consign at least 30 items to waive the fee.

What is the split?

Consignors receive 70% of their sales. 

I'm a consignor but can't attend the Pre-sale Party. Can I give my spot to someone else? 

Yes, someone else can attend in your place as long as they have your ticket.

When will I get paid?

You will receive your payment at the end of the event. You'll not only pick up your unsold items, but your check as well. 

Can I print my Consignor Contract online?

Yes you can!  Please print your contract and bring it with you when you come to your drop off appointment. 



Where is the sale?

You can find the venue by visiting either the children's or women's event tab to see where the event will be held. 

How do I shop the sale? 

If you want the best deals, line up early! Check dates and times on the Facebook page: From Your Closet Consignment Events. Make sure to know your sizes because you cannot try on clothes. Bring a measuring tape if you need to. And don’t forget a big bag or laundry basket to hold all of your great deals!

When is the half-off sale?

The last day of the sale all items (unless marked with a star) are half off!

Can I shop the Pre-Sale if I’m not a consignor?

Yes! Ask a friend who is consigning if you can be their guest!

Team Members-work shifts are only available to consignors

How long is each work shift?

Each shift is approximately three hours. 

Are there any shifts available this sale?

Each sale varies. Please see our Facebook page: From Your Closet Consignment Events for more details. You can also email us at


How should I hang the items?

Make sure the hanger hook is facing LEFT and attach the item to the hanger with two safety pins. Do a slip test to make sure it can’t slide off! 

How should I price my items?

We recommend pricing your items at 50-70% off retail value. Shoppers are savvy and are looking for good deals so price it to sell it! For the Women's Event, all items must be priced in amounts of a minimum of $3, in $.50 increments. For the Children's Event, all items must be priced in $.50 increments, minimum price $.50. 

How do the barcodes work?

Enter your inventory in the system, then print your codes on 60-67 lb card stock in light colors. Attach your tags on the RIGHT SIDE (if looking at item) of the garment with a safety pin. Please DO NOT use straight pins. Use zip ties to attach ties to shoes, purses, etc. 

How do I tag jewelry?

Put jewelry in a ziploc bag and attach the tag to the OUTSIDE with tape. The scanners cannot read tags inside the bag.

What if I don’t want my item to be discounted or donated?

That’s fine! Just mark it when you are entering your inventory. This CANNOT be changed after your tags are printed. You MUST pick up your items at the end of the last sale day or they will be donated.



What do you do with the unsold items?

Unsold items are returned to consignors (if they choose) or donated to multiple local nonprofits, churches, and service-based organizations. 

How secure are my items?

Team Members are working throughout the building to keep an eye on the inventory. We also keep high priced items close to the register for extra security.

Where do I get hangers?

Some local dry cleaners are willing to give you some. If you plan far enough in advance, you can purchase them from Amazon for a great deal.

Do I get my hangers back?

No, when an item is purchased the hanger goes with it. 

Ask our consignors or email for other questions!

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